Honestly, I've been completely and utterly jealous of you since I started following you! You're everything I want to be in life and now you're living out my dream of travelling and I just want to cry I'm so jelly :(


Well that’s really not okay at all!! Idk how long you’ve been following me then but probably not enough to see all of my shit? And if you have been following me long enough, then you should not ignore my collection of bad things and just see the good. My life is not the dream life at all. I decided that I want to change it for the better, that I want to live the way I’ve been wanting to forever. So I am. Not because I am magically blessed with something you aren’t. Not because I have a ridiculous amount of money (I don’t). Not because I have a real plan in life, I don’t have a plan at all. I have no idea what I’m doing. The only thing that I have that I have not given to myself to live out my dream is emotionally supportive parents. So even though I am about to do something great, I have a lot of shit following me around too. When you’re jealous of the first half of that sentence, please please please remember the second half. My life is not a life to be so jealous of that you want to cry over it. It is turning out this way because I’m making it turn out this way. You’re the only thing holding you back form living the way you want to live. And that’s not me saying it is easy to do. It’s not. But if you want it bad enough, you’ll do what you can to get it. You’re the one in control of your life. Not anybody else.

Amen sister